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Heather C. Forkey, MD is Assistant Director of FaCES and an attending pediatrician at with the Child Protection Program, both at UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center. She is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She has great interest and experience with the health care of children in substitute care and children exposed to trauma. Prior to her tenure in Massachusetts, Dr. Forkey was the Co-Director of Safe Place: The Center for Child Protection and Health at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Medical Director of CHOP’s Primary Care Program for Children in Substitute Care and a pediatrician for The Starting Young Program at CHOP, all services designed to provide medical, developmental and health advocacy for children in foster care. In addition to her clinical activities, Dr. Forkey is the author and contributor to a number of publications on the health care of children in substitute care. She lectures to health care and child welfare professionals on the issues of children in foster care, has served on regional and national committees outlining health care standards for children in substitute care and those addressing the effects of trauma on children, and has been the recipient of grants to further address the health care issues of children in foster care.

Linda D. Sagor MD, MPH is Director of the Division of General Pediatrics at UMass Memorial Health Care and Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is the founder and medical director of FaCES. She is on the executive board of the Center for the Advancement of Primary Care at UMass Memorial Health Care, chair of the Committee on Foster Care for Massachusetts chapter American Academy of Pediatrics, and a board member of Community Legal Aid. She is also working as a consultant on health care system issues at the state Department of Children and Families. Her awards have included the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award from University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2008, Clinician of the Year Award from Worcester District Medical Society in 2009, and the University of Massachusetts President’s Public Service Award in 2010. She is passionate about the issues of children in foster care and hopes to work in this area always.

Lorna Kogon RN, CPNP has provided excellent care of infants, children, and teens at the UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center since 1998. She has a special interest in children in foster care and has worked in the FaCES Clinic for several years. Lorna received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Northeastern University and completed the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at Emory University. She lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts with her husband and three children.

Taína Pabón coordinates all aspects of FaCES Clinic. She has been part of FaCES since its opening in 2003. Taína assists families with scheduling initial screenings and comprehensive evaluations, specialist appointments, obtaining past medical records and helping connect families with primary care physicians. Taína also provides assistance/resources to foster and kinship parents when needed. Taína has maintained and developed a growing relationship with Department of Children and Families social workers, supervisors and foster families. She has been invited to M.A.P.P. trainings at the Worcester DCF East/West offices to speak to future foster parents about FaCES. Taina has been instrumental in the development of a new FaCES program in the Fitchburg area (opened in 2011). “It’s a rewarding experience and I am grateful to be part of a caring program. I always knew we were going to bridge further out and I’m glad I have been a part of seeing its growth and developments. But the best part of all is to be able to see one smiling child’s face at the end of a busy clinic day!”

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